Life Coaching

Andrew J. Billups, Psy.D. provides life coaching and positive psychology services for individuals who under-function in personal, business, and academic endeavours for reasons they cannot fully recognize or address successfully. Stated simply, in their current way of being in the world, they lanquish rather than flourish. Positive psychology offers a model for change.

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Self-made millionaires, billionaires, solopreneurs, and other highly successful people live differently from the rest of us. Oftentimes, they focus on earning not saving, they think of money as a tool and not a goal, they think on wealth as being time rather than money, they have goals that are big rather than numerous, and work is their hobby.

Several of the world’s richest people set aside some time every day to quiet the unfocused noise and confusion that live in their head via meditation or some related technique for achieving reduced arousal. The idea is that by quieting this noise, the person has greater access to the wisdom, the creativity, and the knowledge that exists within them all along.

Under the right conditions, these resources are more likely to bubble to the surface and become available to conscious awareness. To say it a little differently, once this information becomes available to consciousness, it can be vectored to problem-solving, or the development of new products and services, or to the expansion of an existing business with the associated new jobs and opportunities for investment.

For some people, setting aside some quiet time that is relatively free of noise is enough, and meditationmindfulness, or yoga work well with no need to achieve some deeper level of calm. The trancelike experience of meditation can improve creativity. Its side effects have been shown to reduce the reactivity of the reptilian brain, increase resilience, stimulate the neocortex, and improve emotional intelligence.

For some people, self-hypnosis can be helpful in achieving a deeper state of focused awareness, and it is surprising that it is not recommended more often by therapists trained to use hypnosis in their practices.

If you believe that self-hypnosis might be helpful to you, call Dr. Billups at 804-435-6777 to discuss your needs and interests.