Life Coaching

Andrew J. Billups, Psy.D. provides life coaching and positive psychology services for individuals who under-function in personal, business, and academic endeavours for reasons they cannot fully recognize or address successfully. Stated simply, in their current way of being in the world, they lanquish rather than flourish. Positive psychology offers a model for change.

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Life Coaching

The Issue

Recovery from the practical consequences of bankruptcy, expulsion from school, divorce, scandal, incarceration, foreclosure, eviction, or dismissal from work can be a tall order and can require much in the way of energy when spiritual, physical, and emotional energy are in short supply.

For various reasons, some people manage to recover and emerge from such experiences having re-invented themselves. They may have achieved gainful work they enjoy, a bigger bank balance, and improved credit scores. They would have little difficulty in obtaining letters of reference, should they require.

On the other hand, many people have not experienced the demoralization and humiliation that can accompany the counterproductive decisions and misfortune named above but sense that they are living below their potential and want to rise above their current circumstances in some combination of occupational, academic, and romantic endeavors. To say it differently, they want to soar rather than languish.

For the person who does not want (or seem to require) psychotherapy, and chooses to become a coaching client rather than a psychotherapy patient, collaboration with a good life coach can scoot the process along and help the damaged person get back in the game or the under-functioning person to kick things to the next level.

The Coaching Endeavor

Coaching entails an exploration of any self-sabotaging tendencies and irrational beliefs that impede one’s success and advancement in life. Coach and client sometimes develop assignments to help de-bug the troublesome software. This can be done in a trusting and collaborative relationship with a coach.

Oftentimes, a coach is a trained mental health professional, and such is the case at Chesapeake Coaching. We make extensive efforts at relationship-building with clients, the clarification of their values, the building of self-esteem and confidence, and developing strategies for goal setting and goal attainment that are consistent with the client’s authenticity and non-negotiables.

Because academic coaching is somewhat specialized, we describe it in more detail below – along with a whiteboard video.

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is considered so important for some students, many colleges and universities have developed centers that provide academic coaching services.

Loyola University defines academic coaching as follows:

“Academic Coaching is another piece of the academic success puzzle. It is the reinforcement of study habits, the discovery of new study skills, and the identification of your ideal learning styles and environments.

“Academic Coaching will also help you evaluate your time management skills, effectively plan your schedule and assist you in managing stress throughout the course of your semester.

“A vital tool in any student’s education, Academic Coaching will guide you through this process of self discovery on the road to achieving academic excellence.”

Chesapeake Coaching of Oyster Point Psychological, LLC offers a consultative service for students who are at-risk for dismissal or those who have been suspended or expelled and seek readmission. We will help you: (1) perform better in your academic endeavors, (2) make this level of performance more habitual, and then (3) help bring you to the attention of the people who can get you back in the game so they might choose to do so. Skype-based and ">FaceTime (apple device required) sessions are available internationally for English-speaking students.

The Issue

Life CoachingYou probably did pretty well in high school, where you didn’t have much homework, there was little academic competition, and everybody seemed to do reasonably well without appearing to work very hard. You may have developed a belief that good grades don’t matter so much, academic achievement is unrelated to success in life, or any other number of irrational ideas that serve you poorly. In all likelihood, you didn’t know it at the time; but, you know it now.

Things are different now, and you may have learned this the hard way. You have managed to get into college where a new set of rules and values are in place. Academic attainment is valued. Your college professors hold you to a much higher standard. They want you to succeed and won’t pretend you are doing well when you are not.

In college, the rules are different. Good grades and academic accomplishment now cause you to be admired, and may bring scholarships and work/study opportunities your way. Being focused and disciplined is more important than in years past.

Professors who are impressed with your work ethic, accomplishments, and perseverance may be motivated to write a letter or make a call to help you land that job you want. This job you want is linked to other things you want: that house, car, vacations, financial security, and social life – to say nothing of your sense of fulfillment and the benefit to the country and the larger world if your talents and aptitudes are brought forward and developed.

Let’s get busy.

The Service – Life Coaching via Skype

If you have been dismissed from school, if dismissal is imminent, or if you have been separated from school, an eight-week period of once per week meetings via telephone or Skype may help you get back in the game and keep you there. With the right kind of help, you are capable of regaining discipline and focus, and you can regain a good reputation as a creditworthy student. We help with assessment, plan development, and plan implementation.

  • We help students enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance.
  • We help students set and achieve short-term and long-term academic goals.
  • We help students learn self-discipline, self-motivation, and achieve self-efficacy.
  • We help students identify and remove barriers that prevent them from being successful.
  • Via feedback from grades, performance evaluations, and from anecdotal reports from students themselves, we tweak plans and strategies as necessary.

Give us a call today and let’s get busy.

Position for Admission

Gaining admission into a sought-after college, university, or professional school often depends on factors in addition to grades, class rank, letters of recommendation, and scores on the SAT, GRE, and LSAT. The courses a student chooses to take, the part-time jobs, the volunteer activities, the clubs, and the people from whom letters of recommendation are requested are decisions not to be taken lightly, and the right academic coaching can be very helpful in developing and delivering the right application package.

Position for Admission is an academic coaching service that helps highly-motivated students develop that “package” to present to admissions committees so as to increase the likelihood of getting that coveted “thick letter” from the sought-after college or university.

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The Mission

To enrich lives and improve society one student at a time


Chesapeake Coaching of Oyster Point Psychological offers solution-focused Academic Coaching internationally to English-speaking students anywhere in the world, who have a high-speed Internet connection and Skype capability. Call at 804.435.6777 or Email for details.